Meet Janet

Janet Errygers is a young environmentalist and professional. She is passionate about Canadian politics and bringing the triple bottom line into the discourse — that is, an accounting framework that acknowledges social, environmental and financial considerations.

Janet has a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from the University of Guelph, where she studied environmental science and political science. She also holds a Masters in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. One day, Janet hopes to enter a PhD program as she is an advocate of lifelong learning and research.

Janet currently works in the pharmaceutical industry, and is a photographer in her spare time. Previously, she was employed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority. She has lived most of her life in Flamborough and is a strong advocate for environmental conservation and working to bring people together. She believes in the ability of people as a collective to change our political system, and recognizes the need for immediate action. She is highly progressive and motivated to make a positive impact on Canadian politics, and hopes to have a long career in public service.

This is Janet’s second election; she ran previously for the Green Party of Ontario in 2018 and hopes to build on her past success. Janet lives with her husband, Dylan, and their son, Liam.


Invest in the Green Economy

The green economy means good, stable jobs. Many Canadian industries are already there, from ecotourism to renewable energy, fisheries to fine wines, green infrastructure leads to economic growth and more liveable communities. Green jobs grow Canada’s middle class and strengthen its global competitiveness.

To grow a sustainable and prosperous green economy, Green MPs will:

    • Develop a Sustainable Generations Fund to invest in green training for the trades, apprenticeships and education facilities
    • Create targeted, national infrastructure investments in renewable and efficient energy production, digital upgrades, clean-tech manufacturing and ecotourism
    • Incentivize homeowners to update their appliances to energy efficient solutions through an expanded home renovation tax credit
    • Invest in our tourism industries, which contribute more to our GDP than mining, telecommunications and food manufacturing
    • Fund community supported agriculture, farmers’ markets, small-scale farms and producers, and the wineries and microbreweries that Canadians love
    • Establish Green Worker Training Programs that teach fossil fuel workers the renewable energy industries

Green Transportation and Infrastructure

It’s time our cities, towns and transportation systems entered the 21st century. Canada’s city planning is outdated. Eighty-two percent of Canadians live in urban centres, yet our roads, public transit systems, sprawling suburbs and disproportionately small municipal budgets are relics of a time when most of us lived in rural areas. Poor planning means gridlock, longer commute times, mismanaged bike lanes, overcrowded buses, smoggy skylines and unsustainable levels of greenhouse gas emissions from private cars.

Green MPs will:

    • Create a smart, clear National Transportation Plan
    • Reinvest in our national rail network
    • Restore bus service to rural and remote Canada and purchase electric buses
    • Increase federal funding for pedestrian, cycling and car-sharing infrastructure
    • Reinvest in public transportation infrastructure to make it convenient, safe, comfortable and affordable
    • Offer rebates for purchasing energy efficient vehicles, and within 10 years ban the purchase of new internal combustion engine vehicles
    • Mandate energy retrofits for all buildings by 2030

Affordability for All

We need to modernize our social safety networks. And we need to do it now, before automation, artificial intelligence and the gig economy decimate traditional labour markets.

Poverty is a problem we can fix. Here’s how:

    • Establish Guaranteed Livable Income to ensure each Canadian can live with dignity and independence.
    • Implement a National Housing Strategy to provide every Canadian with a place to call home.
    • Increase access to social housing for Indigenous peoples living on and off reserve.
    • Invest in the co-operative housing sector to invigorate the new, affordable housing market and sustain existing co-ops facing liquidation.

Support Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Small businesses create more employment in the private sector than the big corporations. They create good, stable jobs. They offer competitive wages and benefits. And, because they’re small, they are flexible and nimble in adapting to changing global markets. Best of all, their success stays local. They circulate dollars in regional economies and improve the communities around them.

The Green Party is the party of small businesses. Green MPs will:

    • Establish a federally funded Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable small local green business start-ups.
    • Reduce the paperwork burden on small businesses by eliminating duplicative tax filings and red tape.
    • Hold taxation at no more than 9 per cent.

Protect and Expand Health Care

Canadians are justly proud of our health care system. Compared to the for-profit, private insurer system south of the border, Canadians have far better health outcomes at far less cost. But there’s still a lot of work to do. Truly universal health care doesn’t simply start and end in a hospital or clinic. It attends to physical, mental and social well-being.

Greens will:

    • Expand public health care to include pharmacare, establishing a Crown corporation to bulk purchase and dispense prescription drugs and providing much needed coverage to the one in three Canadians forced to pay for prescription medication.
    • Include basic dental care in our national coverage.
    • Create a national drug reduction strategy and develop more safe injection sites.
    • Regulate the distribution of pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors to track and prevent dangerous levels of over-medication and prevent opioid addiction.
    • Develop national health care guidelines that incentivize active lifestyles as well as healthy diets and choices.
    • Treat drug addiction as a public health issue, not a felony.

End Colonialism and Oppression of Indigenous Peoples

Colonialism, genocide, intergenerational trauma, intergenerational poverty, and ongoing barriers to education, employment, and health have meant that Indigenous peoples continue to be over-represented in the child welfare system, in prisons, and in homeless shelters.

Greens will:

    • Build a new relationship with Indigenous peoples.
    • Consult with Indigenous peoples to determine when and where to repeal the Indian Act. In the meantime, we will establish clear guidelines for self-government, allowing Indigenous peoples to set their territory and their governance systems and opt out of the Indian Act.
    • Create an inclusive policy and governance body – the Council of Canadian Governments. Indigenous peoples will have a seat at the table as equal partners with colonial government structures – federal, provincial and municipal, to develop shared goals and national policies.
    • Fully conform to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, implement the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the calls of the report from the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.
    • Invest in First Nations infrastructure to ensure access to clean drinking water.
    • Ensure that all treaty and land claim negotiations respect and honour the inherent sovereignty and title of Indigenous peoples.

Demand Democratic Reform

We demand proportional representation because Canadians want a fair electoral system that:
    • Places equal value on every vote
    • Encourages cross-party collaboration and unity
    • Allows us to adopt stable, long-term policies
    • Encourages greater participation and voter turnout
    • Increases Canadian political literacy

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